Die kalifornischen „Waldbrände“ sind exakt an den Orten, an dem der Hochgeschwindigkeitszug gebaut werden soll !!!

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Here it is — after over 9 years of research: Notice the „Patterns“ of the fires? These are designed to clear the way for Agenda 21’s expansion of the railroad networks. They already have plans to build the Bullet Train. Notice — all of these major fires follow the PATH of the Bullet Train! Research the Santa Rosa fires more closely and you’ll soon find that they were Directed Energy Weapons fires caused by Lockheed Martin Athena Directed Energy Weapons on the nose of planes. These are NOT just „random forest fires“ as the news wants us to believe. They are purposely contrived path clearing directed energy weapons – designed to make a direct path through the houses and businesses that are blocking the expansion of the Bullet Train. These alleged „random forest fires“ – activate the active denial plan where this can be chalked up to a „Natural Disaster“…

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